Rebuilding the world renowned Evergreen Building

Evergreen BuildingWhen the world renowned Evergreen Building designed by Architect Arthur Erikson was due for a complete renovation and upgrade a unique hoisting challenge to service the reconstruction project also came into existence.

The restoration contractor, Omicron needed a day in and day out hoisting solution to cover the entire project. Street access to this site was very tight, not to mention, that all the surrounding streets where filled with high volume traffic.

The solution: Eagle West Tower Cranes Inc. provided a Koenig K43T self erecting crane set in the 30 degree luff mode to match the unique roof line of this building.

This crane was put into service on top of a small wing off the second-level parkade by lifting it, partially-erected, into place with the Eagle West Truck & Crane Divisions 270 ton hydraulic crane.

This crane went into service in early August 2006, and will remain in service doing removal of soil from balconies, concrete and all the old building material. Hoisting of all new materials including roofing material, drywall, plumbing, lumber, and what ever else is under the crane capacity until the project completes in July 2007.

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