Restoration of an 80 Year Old Building

Restoration of 80 Year Old BuildingWhen the Haebler Group was looking for a hoisting and materials handling solution that would allow the restoration of the 80 year old Bowman Lofts building at 522 Beatty Street to stay in non-stop construction for almost a year, they knew they had a unique problem that required a unique solution.

Site access was very limited and the use of the second lane of Beatty street for staging a mobile crane and off loading building materials was not going to be a cost effective or long term solution.

However, Eagle West Tower Cranes Inc. delivered a highly cost effective solution. Eagle West provided a Koenig K43T self erecting tower crane mounted on top of a 20′ tall structural steel frame that went over the city sidewalk!

Now the building could receive materials from a single lane of Beatty Street in front of the building and from the alley behind the building and all this while pedestrians walked right under the crane as it worked quietly above them.

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