SMT 551 in Historic Gastown Vancouver Case Study

SMT 551 in GastownWhen Haebler Construction needed a crane to deal with extra tight working conditions during their reconstruction of the historic “Garage Building ” in the Gastown district of downtown Vancouver Canada it was Eagle West Tower Cranes Inc. to the rescue.

Eagle West organized and executed a set of well planned lifts to rig the San Marco SMT 551 city crane components into place and had the crane running in just one day.

The SMT 551 was installed with a customized configururation and set up to operate with a short jib configuration of just 36 meters (118′) down from the standard 55 meters (180′) and from a mobile base with a footprint of just a 14′ 9″ X 14′ 9″. In this configuratiuon the SMT 551 can hoist loads as heavy as 8,000 kgs (17,636 lbs.) at the mast and can lift 2,100 kgs (4,630 lbs.) at the jib tip.

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