Installing 1100 Ton Injection Molder for Ropak Packaging Case Study

Ropak packagingWhen the big lifts combined with heavy weight equipment installations need to placed Eagle West is the one stop “Total Lifting Solution” you need.

This was exactly the case in July 2006 when the Eagle West Industrial Moving worked in conjunction with Eagle West Truck & Crane to combine forces to deliver, offload and install the 1100ton electric injection molder for Ropak Packaging Northwest Division in Langley, BC.

This lift called for the use of several of our hydraulic cranes to off load the molder, a specialized flat deck for transportation at site, our entire Industrial Moving Division staff as well as several heavy lifting folding cranes for final machine placement.

Overall this level of teamwork, commitment to excellence and meeting the unique needs of the client are what Eagle West is all about. If you have a unique or challenging industrial moving or hoisting project look no further than Eagle West to meet your needs.

Eagle West provides total industrial moving solutions to industry. We add value to your project by providing the technical expertise and equipment depth to meet your most challenging hoisting, moving, and transportation needs.

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