Moving Vancouver’s Historic “W” Case Study

In the summer of 2006 the skyline of Vancouver was in need of a change. The old Woodwards building and it’s landmark big “W” needed to come down so that the site could continue its transformation from retired department store, to much need housing for the Vancouver East side residents.

Eagle West Truck & Crane got the call… could we handle this historic project?

The answer: a resounding YES! Eagle West had the right crane, and in this case, more importantly, the right personnel to work with this complicated hoisting, rigging, and transportation challenge as a single vendor solution to the project.

The result was, the fittings holding the “W”, were carefully undone with riggers literally working inside and out of the “W” at a height of 320 feet; Then the “W” (weighing 7,500lbs) was lifted off its old moorings, and transported down to the street awaiting specialty trailers to take if off for a much needed refitting.

Soon, the rebuilding of the old Woodward’s site will be complete and the big “W” will rise again to take its place as a keystone marker in the Vancouver skyline.

All in part to the unique hoisting and transportation solutions provided by Eagle West Truck & Crane.

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