Rebuilding the Track at the Yale/Hope Derailment Case Study

Yale Hope DerailmentWhen CN had a derailment in the Yale/Hope area in December 2006 they needed heavy equipment moved to the site in hurry to get the track back in service as soon as possible. Eagle West was there to not only pick up and move the required equipment to the site, but also to assist in the site restoration and get the rail lines back into service sooner.

It is the unique ability of the Eagle West Rail Service Division to haul equipment, parts or replacement track over the rail lines; then get off at the exact required track location and work from beside the track to restore the damaged track that makes our Rail Service Division a true value added partner to the rail industry.

Eagle West provides total lifting solutions to the rail industry. We add value to your project by providing the technical expertise and equipment depth to meet your most challenging hoisting and transportation needs.

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