Building Western Canada’s Green Infrastructure

winter_hill_12Our Team of companies has the equipment and technical expertise to make your next wind turbine project safe and successful. We have all the necessary cranes, rigging and specialized transportation equipment to meet all your project needs. Your advantage in partnering with our Team is that we provide all the experienced personnel and technical expertise needed to ensure that your project runs as efficiently as possible. Effective project completion and the saving of valuable time and resources is the result of partnering with us.

Our Team of companies consists of Eagle West Cranes, Inc. and Stampede Crane and Rigging, Inc. We are also strategically partnered with CMS Heavy Lift. It is this network that provides us with unparalleled knowledge and experience in our industry. It also supplies us with a vast array of cranes, rigging, specialized transportation equipment and highly skilled personnel to choose from which will ensure maximum project efficiently with minimum risk.

To date, we have been involved in the erection and transportation of hundreds of Wind Turbines from many different suppliers. These suppliers include Nordex, Vestas, NEG Micon, GE and Enercon.

We also specialize in customer support. As your project moves forward with us, we will attach an experienced, full-time project manager to your project to ensure that no detail is missed. This will guarantee you that all of the equipment and personnel will be coordinated safely and efficiently to complete your project.