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How To Select The Right Crane

Some ideas on how to select the right crane for your project
Select the right crane: Some projects require the use of cranes. In fact, all the projects related to construction, production, manufacturing, energy and similar require the use of a crane. Depending on the project, selecting the right crane for your project is vital. You need to be very careful while choosing a crane and keep all t…

Tilt Up Construction

tilt up construction

Tilt Up Construction: The Basics

Like any business, the construction industry has its own jargon, but you don’t have to be an expert to understand what tilt up construction means. One of the largest and most popular growing industries in the United States, the technique fast gaining pace – and taking up ground – in Canada, too.

From the ground up

Hoist them up and you’re done,…

Redi-Rock Bridge Retaining Wall Solution

This deteriorating bridge in North Haven, Maine provided access to four seasonal homes.

Eagle West Crane & Rigging, a division of TNT Crane Canada, is the British Columbia manufacturer/supplier for an amazing retaining wall project called Redi-Rock. Here’s a great example of the utility and versatility of this engineered solution.
In 2013, the town of North Haven, Maine, began construction on a very unique bridg…

VIDEO: 200 Ton Palfinger Folding Boom Crane

Below is a video our new 200 Ton Palfinger folding boom crane hoisting rooftop units in Surrey for Broadway Refrigeration.

Big reach. Articulating jib. Quick setup & teardown. 1st 20o ton folding boom crane in Canada.

Less site time = Cost savings for our customers.

About Palfinger:

PALFINGER is now one of the leading truck equipment manufacturers offering a…

VIDEO: Kelowna Tilt-Up with 270 Ton Hydraulic Crane

The below video is our 270 ton hydraulic crane hoisting concrete panels on Ellis Street in Kelowna for the new two-storey Telus tilt-up building. We are pleased to work with Dycor Construction on this project. There are a total of 29 concrete panels to be hoisted and the project is to be completed by November 2016.

Concrete panels are poured onsite and the crane tilts the cured panels up,…

Coming Soon – 200 Ton Palfinger PK200002 L SH Knuckle Boom Crane

Eagle West Crane & Rigging, a division of TNT Crane Canada, is very excited about its recent purchase of a brand new Palfinger PK20002 L SH knuckle boom crane mounted on a Western Star Tandem Tri-Axle. This new addition to our large folding crane fleet is scheduled to arrive in late Spring 2015 and will be the first of it’s kind in Canada! Eagle West Crane & Rigging, a division of…

Lower Level Road Redi-Rock Retaining Wall

Lower Level Road Retaining Wall Project
Eagle West Cranes, Eagle West Precast (both div. of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.) have been working together to support B&B Contracting on the Lower Level Road expansion project with the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall blocks and MOT specified barriers.

The Eagle West portion of the project was broken into two parts. The first half of the project was to…

120 Ton Mobile Crane – Scaffold Hoist

Eagle West Cranes 120 Ton Mobile Crane Hoists Scaffold

Covanta Burnaby Renewable Energy Inc and Eagle West Cranes (a division of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.) partnered on a recent project in Burnaby, BC. Covanta needed to hoist bundles of scaffolding up 140′ to the roof of the building. Since the access to the building edge was limited, Eagle West Cranes dispatched their 120 Ton…

Eagle West Cranes Boom Truck

Eagle West Hoists Two Helicopters with 60 Ton Boom Truck
On October 3rd, 2014, Eagle West Cranes, which is a division of TNT Crane Canada, dispatched the 60 Ton folding boom truck with trailer to relocate 2 helicopters on site at the boundary bay airport. Dennis Bamford worked with the rest of the Eagle West Cranes’ team to organize and safely move the expensive helicopters into a loca…

Self-Erecting Crane and Equipment Division Acquired by Bigfoot Crane

Self-Erecting Crane and Equipment Division Acquired by Bigfoot Crane
We are pleased to announce the sale of our self-erect cranes and equipment division, Eagle West Cranes & Equipment Inc, to Bigfoot Crane.

Eagle West Crane & Rigging (a division of TNT Crane Canada) is excited to continue providing crane service and precast products.

As of Oct 1, 2014, Bigfoot Crane Company Inc.

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