BC CraneSafe Act

The CraneSafe Certificate will provide operators with the required proof of competence they need to run the following types of equipment in BC and Yukon:

Mobile Cranes

  • Friction Lattice (conventional crane)
  • Hydraulic Lattice
  • Hydraulic – Unlimited tonnage
  • Hydraulic – 80 tonnes & under

Boom Trucks

  • Stiff Boom – Unlimited tonnage
  • Stiff Boom – 40 tonnes & under
  • Folding Boom – Unlimited tonnage
  • Folding Boom – 22 tonnes & under (Knuckle Boom Crane ie HIAB)

Certification Requirement
Occupational Health and Safety regulations in BC and Yukon now require crane operators to carry a ‘proof of competence’ card.

WorkSafe BC and Yukon Worker’s Compensation Health and Safety Board recognise the Fulford CraneSafe Certification as proof of competence so that with our certification you will be in compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

Development of CraneSafe Certification
The CraneSafe Certification system has been developed over three years with the extensive support of the BC Association for Crane Safety, WorkSafeBC, the BC Industry Training Authority and 52 Crane Industry task group members who volunteered their time to ensure the CraneSafe system will work for industry and operators in BC, Yukon and Alberta.

The goal of the certification system is to increase the safety of crane operations in BC and Yukon. As of 2008 crane operators in BC and Yukon are required under revised Occupational Health and Safety regulations to hold a Certificate of Competence to operate a crane.

Assessments are now available for the approximately 12,500 crane operators registered with the BC Association for Crane Safety.