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Eagle West Crane 2013 Golf Tournament

Eagle West 2013 Golf Tourney

The Winning Team!

The Winning Team!

This year’s Eagle West Golf Tournament was held at Fraser Glen Golf Course in Abbotsford. The day started out overcast and it looked like it was going to pour rain on the 36 golfers who showed up. However, just like this year’s EWC family picnic, the skies cleared and we enjoyed a warm, mostly clear, day of golf.
The golf tournament had a range of players: some participants golf all the time, while others had never hit a golf ball before. This is actually what this tournament is all about, everyone is welcome with only one requirement: be ready to have a good time!

When the day was complete, and all the scores were tallied, two teams finished 5 under par:
Team 2: Jim Barkman, Trevor Morgan, Sean MacBeth and George Louie &
Team 8: Darren Barkman, Davin Roy, Jeff Hamilton and Mark Furber.

To break the tie, Bob Fairbank came up with a creative and fun way to declare a winner: The Boscaro chip in chip off. Each team member had the opportunity to chip into the bin for a point. The rules were simple: chip the golf ball into the bin from 25 feet, one point per player who was able to chip their ball into the bin and each team would rotate turns. The team with the most points would win.
Dr. Clutch (aka Trevor Morgan) stepped up to nail what seemed to be the impossible shot since the bin was made of steel, which made touch so important. (What does that say about soft hand Morgan?) Trevor was the only person to make his shot which vaulted Team 2 to the win.

The Boscaro bin was set up to act as a fund raising portion for Eagle’s Care. At the end of the tournament each golfer was able to purchase 3 balls for $5 and receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win a pair of tickets for the Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens on Saturday Oct 12th. We were able to raise $424 dollars for Eagle’s Care and Sean MacBeth walked away with the tickets.

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