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How Cranes have helped the Roofing Industry in Vancouver

How Cranes have helped the Roofing Industry in Vancouver

gastown-1When Gassy Jack laid down the first street in Gastown in 1867, it’s unlikely he gave a moment’s thought to the roofing industry. In his time, the bay side hamlet included just a tavern and sawmill, a million miles away from the busy metropolis the City of Vancouver is today.

With a population of over 600,000 people, the city’s narrow streets don’t cater to the modern crowd that now occupies them. Yet from Stanley Park to Granville Island, you will find the earnest and established roofer battling over common ground: reaching the high roof tops of Vancouver’s fleet of buildings without risking life, limb, and private property in the process.vancouver
The city has changed since the time of Gassy Jack, and fortunately technology has moved on, too. Roofers are increasingly looking to cranes to help them overcome many of the limitations imposed by the historic structures and streets of Vancouver.

The benefits of using cranes in the roofing industry are five-fold:

Movability: Town houses and narrow apartment blocks are more likely to have cramped, spiralling staircases than they are an industrial-sized elevator. Using a crane to lift HVAC (Heating Ventilation) systems up the outside of a building makes lack of space to move a problem of the past.

Flexibility: Up, down, left, right. If roofers turn up to a site to find something unexpected on the day, cranes can easily adapt to the situation without delaying the job. Plus the crew at Eagle West Cranes are well versed in problem solving and coming up with on-site solutions. Men with long ropes, on the other hand…

gastown-2 Power: It almost goes without saying, but with planning, cranes are mobilized to be able to lift the weight of the loads on-site which makes them incredibly powerful. Eagle West Cranes are now proud owners of a 200 ton folding boom crane – that’s 445 grand pianos!

Efficiency: Another advantage of owning a folding boom crane is that it doesn’t take up much room on the ground. On narrow streets, an inefficient crane might lead to lane closures or worse. Eagle West Cranes are ready to efficiently take on Vancouver.
Safety: Delivering all of the factors above provides ample safety. Our lifting procedures go above and beyond what’s expected. We take safety very seriously.

What would Gassy Jack make of all the cranes now occupying his city? We don’t know, but we expect it would have gone down well at the local sawmill!


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