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Installation of 25,000 lb Turbine at Cleaveland Dam

Eagle West Industrial Moving Team Partners With

Murray Latta & Mott Electric to Install a Turbine

In February of 2014, Eagle West Industrial moving team partnered with Murray Latta and Mott Electric to assist in the installation of 25,000 lb turbine to generate renewable energy for North Vancouver.

The team utilized the 180 Ton Cormach knuckle boom crane to place the turbine onto a skid system that allowed the team to trolley the turbine into the building. Once the turbine was in the building, the overhead bridge crane was able to hoist the turbine into place. The Cormach was used as a tailing crane to allow the turbine to be correctly positioned for the installation.

Interesting to note, the implementation of a hydro electric turbine into a fresh water drinking supply system drew the interest of Knowledge Network since the nature of the green electric system coupled with fresh drinking water was an interesting combination of the two disciplines.

About the Cleveland Dam: The Cleveland Dam was completed in 1954 to store water for the Greater Vancouver Water District. The Seymour Falls Dam was completed in 1961 and recently underwent a seismic upgrade.

The Project: Cleveland Dam Turbine Installation Project

The Equipment: 180 Ton Cormach, Customized Skid System and Facility Bridge Crane

Date of Project: February 2014

Project Details: 25,000 lb Hydro Electric Turbine

Project Team: Murray Latta, Mott Electric & Eagle West Industrial Movers

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