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Modular Home Construction with Crane

Modular Home Construction with Crane

Koroleena Homes partnered with Eagle West Cranes (a division of TNT Crane Canada) to place a modular home system on a picturesque setting overlooking the pacific ocean in British Columbia Canada.

With modular home building offering the home owner creative options to build in remote and typically difficult building locations, like the location in this video which illustrate the unique style, design and creative aspect of building homes in previously cost prohibitive locations.

Ron Barnum and Mike Falk from Eagle West Cranes helped set up, rig and place the components of this designer modular home with cranes, both hydraulic and folding boom. The support crane helped place the pads and get the 200 ton Link Belt into place to allow them access to place the different sections of the modular home that would piece together the final customer designer home.

Enjoy the video and the finished product! It is a truly amazing process to watch. To see more from Karoleena Custom Homes go here,  www.karoleena.com for more info.


modular home construction with crane

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