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Surrey Silo Story

Surrey Silo StoryTiming is Everything!

Approximately early-May 2013, it was announced that the Surrey Fittings plant was relocating to the Gloucester Industrial Park in Langley. Since the announcement some major events have occurred to prepare for the move. The biggest event so far is the removal of the old regrind silo (that doubled as a Christmas tree!).

About a week later, plans began to take shape to take the old girl down.

Eagle West Crane Service secured the contract for the removal. They arrived on site to select the best location to lay the silo down and to mark out the area that would need to be cleared prior to removal.

Sequence of Events

  • Stabilize two cranes to the silo.
  • Sever the bolts at the bottom of the silo.
  • Pull the silo off the ground.
  • Maneuver it onto a flatbed.

The first gear to arrive were the two cranes – they would each attach to the silo and stabilize it prior to detaching the silo from the ground.Surrey Silo Story 2

It was pretty impressive just watching them roll in.

Surrey Silo Story 3

The cranes are attached to the silo, connecting to the top and the bottom will allow the cranes to raise it up and begin to tilt it on its side to place it onto the flatbed.

Surrey Silo Story 4

The cranes have lifted the silo off the ground. As you can imagine from seeing one of our workers taking pictures, this was something many of us had never seen before.

Surrey Silo Story 5

After lifting it high enough to clear a pipe infeed table, the cranes started to tilt the silo.

Surrey Silo Story 6

A little more tilting … and getting the flatbed ready.

Surrey Silo Story 7

Getting close to the ground and flatbed.

In case you are wondering – Eagle West Crane provided a specialized Lift Supervisor to monitor and communicate with the crane operators.

Surrey Silo Story 8

Getting closer to being on the flatbed. This was a special design flatbed that can expand to make an elongated flatbed to accommodate longer objects. The center of the flatbed slides apart.

Surrey Silo Story 9

Loaded, strapped, and ready to go!

Surrey Silo Story 10

Off to the property.

Surrey Silo Story 11

And a big void in the yard.

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