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4 Benefits of Folding Boom Cranes

Whether your project involves tilt-up concrete, heavy HVAC units, or delicate materials, you need a crane that can safely lift and place each load. With so many mobile cranes available, it can be difficult to determine which unit is the right fit for your site requirements, budget, and project timeline. If you are looking for a versatile crane that can handle a variety of site environments and lifts, consider a folding boom crane. Also known as knuckle boom cranes, these units offer a variety of benefits that make them suitable for various industries. To demonstrate how these units can enhance your operation, the experts at Eagle West Cranes have compiled a list of 4 benefits of folding boom cranes.

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4 Reasons to Use a Folding Boom Crane for Your Project

Folding boom cranes offer the following benefits for various industries and project sites:

1. Versatility

Folding boom cranes can be outfitted with a variety of attachments at the end of the boom, including pallet forks, buckets, and other products. This allows each unit to work with a wide range of materials, increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for multiple cranes and operators. Folding boom cranes are also extremely mobile and adaptable, allowing them to relocate throughout your site as needed to execute other lifts. Whether your project involves a few heavy lifts, many lighter lifts, or a combination of each, a knuckle boom crane can get the job done right.

2. Reliable Power

While folding boom cranes are renowned for their maneuverability, this flexibility does not come at the cost of power. Knuckle boom cranes can be used for a wide range of demanding purposes, including HVAC unit installations and cargo handling, thanks to lift capacities up to 78,000 lb.

3. Compact Design

Some projects require lifts to be performed in cramped spaces with numerous overhead obstacles and reduced clearance. While these challenges would impede most cranes, mobile boom cranes can safely perform lifts in the most demanding environments due to their ability to fold down to a compact size and mount on the back of a variety of vehicles. This compact design allows operators to reposition as needed to ensure optimal safety and accuracy.

4. Easy Transportation and Setup

Most knuckle boom cranes can be fitted on a standard semi-truck trailer, making them easy to move from one area of your project to another. Each unit is also designed for rapid setup, allowing you to get to work as soon as possible and optimize productivity.

To learn more about the benefits of folding boom cranes or to inquire about our selection of mobile crane rentals, get in touch with the team at Eagle West Cranes. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to help you choose the perfect crane rental for your project.