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120 Ton Mobile Crane – Scaffold Hoist

| Oct 27 / 14

Eagle West Cranes 120 Ton Mobile Crane Hoists Scaffold

Covanta Burnaby Renewable Energy Inc and Eagle West Cranes (a division of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.) partnered on a recent project in Burnaby, BC. Covanta needed to hoist bundles of scaffolding up 140′ to the roof of the building. Since the access to the building edge was limited, Eagle West Cranes dispatched their 120 Ton Leibherr Crane to service the project.

The crane set up required Eagle West Cranes to configure the 120 Leibherr mobile crane with 81,570 lbs of counterweight and the 62′ of jib in order to clear the roofs edge and place the scaffold on the correct portion of the roof.

Each bundle of scaffold only weighed in at 3000 lbs per bundle but because of the building access and the height of the roof, it definitely added an element of challenge for the Eagle West Team!

The job went smoothly and the lift plan organized by the Eagle West Cranes team helped the project go off without a hitch.

Customer: Covanta Burnaby Renewable Energy Inc

Equipment Used: 120 Ton Mobile Crane, Specialty Slings & Rigging Equipment

Equipment Hoisted: 3, 000 lb bundles of scaffold

Eagle West Team: 120 Ton crane operator, rigger, and lift supervisor

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About Eagle West Cranes:

Eagle West Cranes is a local crane service company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. With over 42 pieces of equipment with varying capacities, EWC has the right equipment to support your local project today. Call or email us with your next plans, we would love to help you out!

About Covanta Renewable Energies Inc.:

Covanta (pronounced coh-van-tuh) is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of infrastructure for the conversion of waste-to-energy (known as “energy-from- waste” or “EfW”), as well as other waste disposal and renewable energy production businesses. Our company name represents the cooperation and advantages inherent in the partnerships we form to provide sustainable waste disposal solutions  for the communities and businesses we serve. Covanta operates and/or has ownership positions in over 40 energy-from-waste facilities in located North America, Italy and China. We also operate other waste management businesses such as transfer stations and metals recycling facilities complementary to our core EfW business.