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Written by Gary Davey Jan 27, 2017

Alex Dahm from KHL, wrote an article on MIC in Japan using its 1,250 tonne capacity Kobelco SL16000J-H lattice boom crawler crane to install a bridge. crawler crane news

The article basically outline the benefits of using a crawler crane over other mobile hydraulic crane options. He talked about some of the benefits of a crawler crane is their reach and their ability to carry loads around the site.

Crawler cranes also carry a much smaller footprint which allows them to get into tighter spaces on the jobsite.

In the article, Harley Smith, global product director for crawler cranes at Manitowoc, says, “We can say that up to 160 tonne crawler cranes are mainly used in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and railways and to lift precast concrete elements. From around 200 up to 300 tonne capacities, the cranes are used for lift works of heavy precast concrete structures and operate as live mast machines, without any capacity enhancing attachment.”

The latest crawler crane sizes come in many sizes from 300 – 600 tonne models. As newer models hit the market, their ability, mobilization costs and utilization become much higher in performing on traditionally mobile crane projects.

As with all things in the crane world, crawler cranes can really help a company utilize their strengths to better complete a project.

Easier Mobilization

In the design of crawler cranes, engineers have focused on making sure the new models are easier to transport (mob) into projects. The easier a crawler crane is to move around a geographic location the more likely it can be utilized on projects.

CrawlerCraneThis transportation friendly body usually means it has a rear split frame which helps in moving the crane around.

The recent crawler addition from Liebherr is the 500 tonne capacity LR 1500, which is said by the company to have the dimensions and component weights that have previously been normal in the 400 tonne class.

As more and more crawler crane manufacturers increase the engineering lift capacity AND the ease of mobilization for larger crawler cranes, the more likely the industry will start to use this style of crane on projects not traditionally implementing this style of crane.

There is no telling what the future will hold for this style of crane.  At Eagle West Cranes, which is a division of TNT Crane Canada, we believe crawler cranes are incredibly useful. We also know the industry leading manufacturers are listening to the industry. And the message on crawler cranes is clear. “Time is money, and we need to be thinking of the customers time as money more and more.” Here at Eagle West Cranes we couldn’t agree more.

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