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Eagle West Cranes Boom Truck

Eagle West Hoists Two Helicopters with 60 Ton Boom Truck

On October 3rd, 2014, Eagle West Cranes, which is a division of TNT Crane Canada, dispatched the 60 Ton folding boom truck with trailer to relocate 2 helicopters on site at the boundary bay airport. Dennis Bamford worked with the rest of the Eagle West Cranes’ team to organize and safely move the expensive helicopters into a local hanger.

Although the lift looked straight forward, the over head height provided an element of focus for the team.

“This type of project with limited over head room, really becomes the perfect scenario to use one of our folding boom cranes. Since our folding boom truck cranes can reach out under load without having to elevate the boom vertically, makes it the perfect for a project like this.” Eagle West Crane Staff.

The right tool always makes the job a little more manageable, safe and easier to perform.

Customer: International Machine Transport Inc.

Equipment: 90 Ton Folding Boom Truck manufactured by Falcon Equipment

Item Hoisted: Two Helicopters, 10,000 lbs 40′ long

Location: Boundary Bay Airport.

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