Lift Planning & Engineering

High-quality project planning services
Take advantage of our one-call complete planning service. The Eagle West Crane & Rigging team can supply lift planning and site supervision for your entire project. Contact us today to learn more.

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We strive to safely finish each project on time, every time.


Certified Operators

Our operators have thousands of hours of experience and expertise to help support your next project.


Safety first!

Our organization puts safety first and is committed to providing an Injury & Incident-Free® workplace.
Committment to Safey.

Technical Service Benefits

With over 3 decades of experience planning some of BC’s biggest lifts, you can benefit from Eagle West Crane & Riggings practical knowledge and established relationships within the lifting industry. Eagle West also provides you with a tradition of safety and outstanding customer service. Pre-planning reduces your risk and improves the projects effectiveness.

Lift Planning & Engineering

Plan the work & work the plan – TNT Crane & Rigging (Use Eagle West on Eagle West Website) works with our team to study each project, size the correct crane for the project regarding safety and efficiency, then produce detailed and accurate critical lift plans, below the hook rigging diagrams, and other project specific documents.

lift plan

Precision & Accuracy

These plans are built with precision and accuracy with a mission to ensure the customer and our field personnel that we have planned for the safest and most efficient options available. We also offer the option for Engineer review and stamp of approval upon request.

Planning Process

Our team provides you with complete planning for your next project, from start to finish. Lift-plans, permits, and traffic management can be prepared in advance, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Have your project operate efficiently with the support of our team.

  • + Project Overview with Customers & Contractors
  • + Detailed Rigging Diagrams & Critical Lift Plans
  • + Engineer Review & Stamp Available Upon Request
  • + Site Walks & Measurement Verifications
  • + Maximum Allowable Wind Speed Study
  • + Ground Bearing Pressure Study
  • + Acquiring city and road permits
  • + Arranging traffic control for jobsite.
  • + Storage and freight of materials and units to location
  • + Rigging Services
  • + 24-hour on call dispatch
  • + And of course, Western Canada’s most diversified crane fleet.
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