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Lower Level Road Redi-Rock Retaining Wall

Lower Level Road Retaining Wall Project

Eagle West Cranes, Eagle West Precast (both div. of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.) have been working together to support B&B Contracting on the Lower Level Road expansion project with the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall blocks and MOT specified barriers.

The Eagle West portion of the project was broken into two parts. The first half of the project was to produce and deliver the engineered retaining wall blocks for soil retention. The final half of the project was to manufacture, deliver and place the MOT specified roadside barriers.

The remarkable aspect of the Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks is that they are engineered in a way that allows you to install the block vertically which gives you use of more land. It also allows the engineers to specify how much cut back is required while maintaining bank stability. Less cutback on the project typically means lower project costs and ultimately can mean lower taxes to support the project. And who doesn’t love lower taxes?

At Redi-Rock, the slogan goes, “we create land” and this is true. The positive connection block systems allows the contractor to build steeper retaining walls which creates more land. It is a pretty amazing product for that alone.

The final stages of the project required Eagle West Precast to produce, deliver and place the MOT specified road side barriers. It is the original precast product for Eagle West Precast.

When you consider the multiple products Eagle West Precast creates from roadside barriers to engineered Redi-Rock blocks, it is really a one stop precast shop (not just a really neat marketing spin!). Contractors like B&B can now partner with Eagle West Precast to supply, deliver and install retaining wall blocks and MOT specified roadside barriers. This minimizes the communication that typically occurs between three to four companies. The process is now simplified and the customer now can communicate with one company. Simplifying the process usually means less mistakes and less communication lost in translation. (We aren’t saying there is still human error but it definitely helps to limit it)

“Having multiple products that support both earth retention, and MOT roadside barriers to help keep the traffic flowing to where it needs to go is incredibly important. Having multiple products allow us to support more of any road expansion project. Customer’s don’t want to have to purchase from too many vendors. With our ability to produce, deliver, and place MOT engineered products our company is uniquely positioned to support highway expansion projects just like the Lower Level Road project.” Charlene Barkman – Eagle West Cranes Sales Manager

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