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Stiff Boom Crane for Hire in BC

Renting a stiff boom crane in British Columbia with a certified crane operator is a big advantage to any construction or building project. Stiff boom crane rentals from Eagle West Cranes have a maximum load capacity of 37,000lbs and are capable of heavy‐duty lifting and hoisting.

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Sometimes known as telescopic cranes, stiff boom telescoping cranes or straight boom cranes, stiff boom cranes use a boom and winch for the hoisting and movement of objects. The boom and hydraulic winch are attached to the boom truck which is controlled by a crane operator. To hoist and move objects with a stiff boom crane, the hydraulic winch handles the actual lifting of the object while the boom is used to either lower or raise the object being lifted by the winch.




With up to a 40-ton range, this crane is your go-to for lifting fragile or heavy items.


Certified crew

Every one of our operators are licensed by BC Crane Safety.


always maintained

Each piece of equipment is inspected and re-certified annually.

What are Stiff Boom Cranes Used for?

Crane operators are somewhat limited with the movement of stiff boom cranes as the stiff boom and hydraulic winch are only able to raise and lower objects. Keeping this in mind, stiff boom crane rentals are ideal for hoisting both heavy and fragile objects. These types of crane rentals are applicable to various projects in many different industries. These cranes can be used to transport construction supplies to and from sites as well as suspend large objects above ground for extensive periods of time.

When renting a stiff boom crane from Eagle West, we provide a trained and certified crane operator to ensure all hoisting and heavy lifting is done properly. Our stiff boom crane rentals are available in boom lengths ranging from 22.9 meters (75 feet) to 38.7 meters (127 feet).

Stiff Boom Crane Details

There are many advantages to renting a stiff boom crane, especially from Eagle West Cranes & Rigging. Stiff boom cranes are used to hoist a wide variety of material and equipment. These cranes are strong enough that they are often able to hoist and haul the equipment that they have been tasked to lift. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we supply a range of stiff boom cranes for rent that range from 14‐ton to 40‐ton with payload capacities reaching 37,000lbs.

Crane Safety is our First Priority

Crane safety is our number one priority at Eagle West Crane & Rigging to ensure that every crane is operated safely by a trained and certified crane operator. Our crane operators are trained and empowered to operate in an Incident and Injury‐Free® environment. We are proud to have among the lowest incident rates in North America for our industry.

Collaborative lift planning – our team works with you to provide the details required

Eagle West Crane & Rigging provides total lifting solutions to a variety of industries. From lift planning, to project planning, to mobilization of equipment – we provide you with the services you need, when you need.

With over 3 decades of experience, we have planned some of British Columbia’s biggest lifts. You can benefit from Eagle West’s practical knowledge and established relationships within the lifting industry by partnering with us for your next project. Learn more about our Technical Service Centre.

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