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RST CNC Machine Factory Move

Manufacturing Facility Relocation The Efficiency of Eagle West’s Industrial Movers Used to check preliminary site conditions, as well as monitor the conditions throughout construction to ensure any necessary adjustment are made, geotechnical instrumentation is an important component of the engineering process. Furthermore, instrumentation is used to warn of possible failures enabling the proper evacuation precautions…

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Road Side Barriers Done Right – JoC

Highway Barriers - Eagle West Precast

As a team, we’re proud of what we do. We love to do what we do well. We also like to think outside of the box. This is the case with our precast concrete products. We decided to integrate the manufacturing of precast barriers and precast retaining wall blocks into our crane business. It just…

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How To Select The Right Crane

Some ideas on how to select the right crane for your project Select the right crane: Some projects require the use of cranes. In fact, all the projects related to construction, production, manufacturing, energy and similar require the use of a crane. Depending on the project, selecting the right crane for your project is vital….

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Lowering The Construction Risk

lowering the construction risk
Construction Safety | Jul 20 / 17

These strategies will help you lessen the construction risk Lowering the construction risk: Construction is one of the industries that are present almost everywhere. It is a rich and diverse field, where people from variant technologies and backgrounds can provide their inputs and deliver results. Apart from being broad and rich, the construction industry has…

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Hand Signal Guide For Crane Operators

Hand Signal Guide For Crane Operators
Crane Safety | Jul 3 / 17

This guide explains some common crane operator hand signals Crane Operator Hand Signal Guide: Cranes are marvelous machines and it takes a lot of skill and expertise to operate them efficiently. In addition to that, operating cranes also requires patience and attention. It is not only the operator, though, that needs to be attentive. The…

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Some Overhead Crane Dangers and Ways To Avoid Them

some overhead crane hazards and ways to avoid them
Crane Safety | Jun 22 / 17

Some Common Overhead Crane Hazards and Tips On How to Prevent Them Preventing Overhead Crane Hazards: Cranes are essential for all the industries. They can lift, tug and pull heavy loads like they are nothing. Overhead cranes are very important in the production and manufacturing industry. This article explains some of the most common overhead crane…

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Chief Wilkes Totem Pole – Corporation of Delta

Announcements | Apr 18 / 17

Chief Wilkes Totem Pole – Knuckle Boom Cranes at Work   With the New Year upon us it’s always good to reflect on some of the projects we accomplished last year. Having gone through some of these projects’ photos, it is really great to see photos with sunshine from summer time. As it is with…

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A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Crane Operator

A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Crane Operator At Eagle West Cranes, which is a division of TNT Crane Canada, we love coming across amazing industries as we review quality website design as well as website performance. When we came across TNT Crane Canada’s site we were amazing at the beauty of the…

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Stampede Crane Supports New Crane Supporting Program at SAIT

Groundbreaking ceremony at SAIT

The new crane supporting program will only focus on training of students Our sister company, Stampede training regiment, recently partnered with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) College to build a crane academy for their students. We are excited to provide both the prints to erect the facility as well as support with supplying cranes…

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Tips for Safe Crane Operation

some tips for safe crane operation

These tips will enable you to perform safe operation of cranes Cranes have made a lot of things easier in our lives and crane safe operation is essential in any industry. They have become an integral and important part of organizations related to construction, design, automotive or power. The importance of cranes cannot be neglected….

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