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Ranking in the Top 10 Largest Mobile Fleets

Announcements | Nov 30 / 23

KHL Group is a publication service that focuses on providing information for the construction and power industries, boasting 16 different magazine titles, including American Cranes & Transport (AC&T). AC&T sends out yearly surveys to crane and rigging companies in North America with the purpose of creating an index of crane companies based on their fleet…

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What Makes Knuckle Boom Cranes Unique?

Crane Rentals | Nov 9 / 23

Regarding material handling and heavy lifting, cranes are pivotal in various industries. The knuckle boom crane is a versatile and efficient choice among the many cranes available. As a leading provider of mobile cranes, Eagle West Cranes understands the importance of having a diverse range of equipment to meet our client’s needs. That is why…

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How Can Industrial Moving Services Help You Save Time and Money?

Industrial Moving | Oct 24 / 23

Relocating an industrial facility or equipment is a complex undertaking that requires meticulous planning, expert execution, and considerable resources. Industrial moving services offer a comprehensive solution for streamlining the process and ensuring minimal disruption to operations. Beyond their evident benefits, these services can also lead to substantial time and cost savings. As a leading provider…

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The Advantages of Rail Crane Services

Mobile Cranes | Sep 26 / 23

The combination of rail systems and cranes gives rise to a unique service that provides outstanding advantages, which Eagle West Cranes is proud to offer to its customers across British Columbia. Here are the main advantages of rail crane services and why they should be on your radar. 1. Greater Mobility and Accessibility One of…

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Tips for Enhancing the Durability of a Retaining Wall

Precast Concrete | Aug 17 / 23

A retaining wall is an excellent way to add a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor space. It looks aesthetically pleasing and serves the purpose of holding soil in place and preventing erosion. Since it is an integral part of your landscape, it is essential to ensure it lasts long. As a leading…

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Which Cranes are Used in Precast Construction?

When it comes to precast construction, the role of cranes is undeniably crucial. As experts in precast concrete products for construction and top-notch crane rental services in British Columbia, the dedicated team from Eagle West Cranes has prepared an answer to a very common question: which cranes are used in precast construction? What is Precast…

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What is the Lift Capacity of a Knuckle Boom Crane?

Mobile Cranes | Jun 22 / 23

As a leading name in the crane rental industry, Eagle West Cranes is continually at the forefront of innovative solutions to complex lifting challenges. We have an impressive selection of top-notch crane equipment available for rent, including knuckle boom cranes. If you are not sure what type of crane will work best for your upcoming…

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Why Use Crane Rentals for Wind Energy Applications?

Crane Rentals | May 23 / 23

Wind power has become an increasingly popular source of clean energy; however, installing and maintaining wind turbines is no easy feat and requires specialized equipment and expertise. That is where crane rentals come in. If you are wondering why you should use crane rentals for wind energy applications, the team at Eagle West Cranes would…

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What Can You Lift With a Mobile Crane?

Mobile Cranes | Apr 27 / 23

Have you ever wondered how much weight a mobile crane can lift after seeing one in action? Mobile cranes are robust and adaptable tools with an astounding variety of lifting capacities, ranging from a few hundred pounds to several tons. To highlight the benefits of employing a mobile crane rental in these situations, the professionals…

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4 Benefits of Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete | Mar 9 / 23

Whether you are completing a large-scale construction project or a smaller agricultural project, it is crucial to select the right equipment and materials for the job. While various types of wood, stone, and metal are used as materials for all buildings, precast concrete has become a popular choice for projects of all sizes across various…

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