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When to Use a Crawler Crane

Mobile Cranes | Mar 18 / 21

Crawler cranes are high-capacity units with exceptional terrain traversal capabilities that are ideal for demanding job sites and heavy materials. A crawler crane features a track-based traversal system instead of conventional wheels found on other mobile cranes. This system is slower, but more maneuverable and can handle difficult terrain with ease. These features make crawler…

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What Kind of Crane is Used for Tilt-Up Construction?

Tilt-up concrete is an incredibly popular form of construction in British Columbia due to its affordability, speed of construction, and long-lasting strength. If you work in the construction industry, it can be useful to know what kind of crane is typically used for tilt-up construction. There are many types of mobile cranes that can be…

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Mobile Cranes for HVAC System Installations

HVAC systems are typically extremely heavy and need to be installed on rooftops. For this reason, it is almost always necessary to enlist the services of a mobile crane company like Eagle West Crane & Rigging for HVAC unit installations. There are many types of mobile cranes that can be used for HVAC system installations,…

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Safety Standards for Jobsites with Hydraulic Cranes

Crane Safety, Mobile Cranes | Oct 15 / 20

Some of the most useful equipment in construction and industrial moving is also often the most dangerous, and mobile cranes are among the ranks of useful yet dangerous gear. For this reason, it is important to know all of the prominent safety standards for jobsites with hydraulic cranes. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we…

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Precast Concrete Delivery and Installation Company in Vancouver

Precast Concrete | Sep 16 / 20

Whether you need a retaining wall, a temporary structure, or a road barrier, precast concrete is a great way to go; however, due to the weight of these products, getting precast concrete delivered and placed can be a major headache. For this reason, it is useful to have a good precast concrete delivery and installation…

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What is Included in Industrial Moving Services?

If you have a load that needs to be moved and you are struggling to figure out the logistics of lifting and transporting it, make sure that you enlist the industrial moving services from the team at Eagle West Crane & Rigging. Our experience with complicated hoisting and transportation operations has made us the go-to…

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Rail Crane Services in British Columbia

Mobile Cranes | Jul 9 / 20

Whether you are clearing up a railway accident, installing new equipment, constructing new structures, or transporting gear and materials, it can be useful to have a good resource for rail crane services in British Columbia. The railways of BC are incredibly important as an asset to transport goods throughout the province, so it is important…

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Crane Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Safety should always be the top concern of anyone operating a crane. Cranes are incredibly useful for all kinds of jobs, but they can also cause immense damage if not used properly. For this reason, the operators at Eagle West Crane & Rigging adhere to a strict commitment to safety that allows us to prioritize…

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How Mobile Cranes Improve Construction Efficiency

Because of how often they are used in different areas of building projects, mobile cranes have become a symbol for the construction industry. Mobile cranes are used to move equipment and building materials both vertically and horizontally around jobsites as well as to deliver, load, and unload supplies. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we…

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Safe Hoisting and Rigging Procedures

Crane Safety | Apr 9 / 20

If you work in any industry that requires heavy materials to be lifted by crane or any other method, it is important to know all of the current safe hoisting and rigging procedures. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, our commitment to safety ensures that the safety of our crews, jobsites, and those we serve…

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