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Columns, Steps & Caps

Columns, Steps & Caps for Retaining Walls
These Redi-Rock® accessories work perfectly alongside freestanding or retaining walls to create your ideal finish to your project.

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Accent Your Wall Project

Whether seamlessly complementing a retaining or freestanding wall, or as a standalone project, Redi-Rock® columns, steps, and caps have a proven track record of accenting projects by:

  • Integrating matching columns
  • Creating a sign, post, or gate
  • Adding columns to the top of a wall
  • Capping a barrier wall or retaining wall
  • Creating a small stairway or a grand, curving staircase
  • Constructing a seat wall

Massive Columns

The column block weighs 725 pounds. It is 18″ high x 24″ long x 24″ wide (deep). A solid hook made from A36 steel is cast directly into the block to safely lift them into place. These large blocks are stacked to create a rock-solid concrete column that can be installed quickly. Simply prepare your base, stack and add a cap. From lining a driveway to standing on top of a retaining wall, to integrating with fencing to create a barrier, these columns are a great option for any project!

Redi-Rock® column blocks can be poured solid or with 4-inch or 8-inch holes in the centre. The hole enables a column structure to accept lighting fixtures, gates, mailboxes, and more. The columns blocks can be manufactured to accept different types of fence materials like wood, concrete planking, or even wrought iron. Redi-Rock® large blocks for concrete columns provide the incomparable durability of ‘wet-cast’, air-entrained concrete.

Dimensionally Consistent Steps and Caps

Redi-Rock® steps have the same aesthetic look of natural quarried limestone. Unlike natural stone, each Redi-Rock® Step has a consistent rise which makes them safe and comfortable for pedestrian use. With Redi-Rock® Steps, you get the best of both worlds – aesthetics and functionality.

The 4-sided step/ cap block weighs 688 lbs and is 49.5″ long x 28.5″ wide x 6″ thick.

The 4-sided column cap weighs 430 lbs and is 28″ x 28″ x 6″ thick.

Redi-Rock® step and cap blocks can be used in conjunction with curved walls or staircases as well as straight walls or staircases. These blocks are easy to use and easy to integrate into a design –making them a great addition to your next project.

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