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Freestanding Walls

Freestanding Walls

Above-grade and textured on two or more sides, freestanding walls coordinate with your retaining wall, or can stand on their own!

Freestanding Wall Features


Moulds Taken from Real Stone


Natural Texture


Perfect for All Kinds of Projects


Coordinates with Retaining Walls


Coordinates with Columns and Caps

Installation & Design

Whether you are looking to install a freestanding wall in a park, on a historic site, or for residential landscaping, we can assist with your design and installation of the ideal solution. Our Redi-Rock® freestanding wall blocks are created using moulds made from natural stone, providing the same natural textures as real stone. All of our Redi-Rock® precast concrete products can also be delivered and placed by our expert crane operators.


Why Choose Freestanding Walls?

The texture on 2-3 Sides: Redi-Rock® Freestanding blocks are textured on both sides, giving above-grade walls an unbeatable, finished look for any project that you design. Freestanding walls can be set using an excavator and a small crew, Redi-Rock® Freestanding blocks don’t require mortar – making them fast and simple to install.

Freestanding blocks are used to make special features in retaining walls — such as stepping up and down the top of the wall, creating 90° corners, building parapet walls and more! They use the same knob and groove technology as the retaining wall systems and therefore are able to integrate with retaining wall blocks.

The Redi-Rock® large block wall system provides the incomparable durability of ‘wet-cast’, air-entrained concrete. Wet-cast concrete has superior durability in freeze-thaw cycles, making it a perfect choice for projects that need to stand the test of weather and time.

Attractive Freestanding Wall Solutions

Natural stone aesthetics make Redi-Rock® free standing walls a great fit for parks, historic sites, amusement parks, and residential landscaping. By using molds taken from real stone, these freestanding blocks features a beautiful and natural texture on 2 or 3 sides. This concrete block system coordinates beautifully with Redi-Rock® retaining walls and columns and caps to create a cohesive look throughout your project.

Redi-Rock® free-standing concrete blocks have a proven track record for creating solutions that:

  • Give privacy
  • Act as a seat wall
  • Create an entrance
  • Coordinate with retaining walls
  • Act as a planter wall
  • Help create a grand staircase
  • Create a sign
  • Can be a curved wall

Technical Resources

Installing a freestanding wall can be a create way to add aesthetic appeal to any property or project. Our dedicated team of experts can help you determine which type of precast concrete products will work best for your unique wants and needs, as well as provide the technical expertise and equipment required to install your new freestanding wall perfectly.

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