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Renting vs. Owning a Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes provide versatile performance and reliable safety for a variety of applications including construction, wind energy, HVAC installations, and agriculture. While there are many different mobile cranes to choose from for your project, it can be difficult to determine if you should purchase a dedicated unit for your operation or rent one for every job. That is why the experts at Eagle West Cranes have outlined the benefits of renting vs. owning a mobile crane to demonstrate why renting is the better option for most projects.

Learn about 3 important things to look for in a mobile crane provider before renting from them.

4 Reasons to Rent a Crane Instead of Buying

While buying a crane can be a great option for certain operations, renting is typically the better option due to the following benefits:

1. No Maintenance Requirements

Regular mobile crane maintenance is required to ensure safe and efficient operation. If you own a crane, you are typically responsible for scheduling and paying for maintenance. This can be difficult to keep track of over time, increasing the risk of missed maintenance dates. With a mobile crane rental, the rental company handles all routine and emergency maintenance. In addition to eliminating the headache of scheduling maintenance yourself, this also eliminates the possibility of unexpected repair costs, allowing for total peace of mind.

2. Consistent Costs and Predictability

Between the purchase price of a mobile crane, maintenance costs, and training costs, the total price of a mobile crane can quickly add up over time and reduce your return on investment. Your costs can also fluctuate every month, making it difficult to accurately track and measure your operating expenses. With a mobile crane rental, you get the equipment you need at a fixed monthly cost that is easy to track and budget for.

3. No Need for Storage

Storage for mobile cranes between projects can be difficult to coordinate, especially if you own several large units. In many cases, you will need to pay for a dedicated storage area, further increasing costs. Mobile crane rentals are delivered to your project site and picked up once the job is done, eliminating any storage-related difficulties.

4. Total Flexibility

If you need to handle a variety of materials and deal with different types of terrain during the same project, a single crane may not be able to get the job done right. Renting a mobile crane allows you to choose from a variety of different units and select the best possible option for every lift you need to complete. This unit can then be swapped out if needed, allowing for total flexibility based on your changing project requirements.

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