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Silver Hills Bakery – Folding Boom Truck & IM Project

Eagle West Cranes & Silvery Hills Bakery Folding Boom Truck Project

Silver Hills Bakery contacted Eagle West Crane & Rigging (a division of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.) to assist moving a roller oven into their bakery in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Trevor Morgan, an Eagle West Cranes technical sales rep, was sent to the job site to assess the project and figure out what equipment and man power was required to complete the project safely.

Anytime machinery is required to be relocated into a building through limited access openings in a building, it requires careful preparation and planning to ensure things go smoothly. Once Trevor had looked the project over, it was decided that Eagle West Cranes was going to use it’s 180 ton Cormach with trailer, utilizing a 8-12 Spreader Bar to keep the rigging from putting pressure on the walls of the oven and to evenly distribute the weight of the oven.

Once the 180 Cormach folding boom crane initially placed the roller oven on the load dock, the crane was used to “tail” the load into the building while the rigging crew used a 30,000 lb forklift to safely position the oven inside the building. This technique allowed the Eagle West Cranes crew to place the roller oven through a bay door with limited over head access which prevented using the crane inside the building.

The project was completed safely, quickly and without issue because of the planning and execution of all the Eagle West Team.

Customer: Silver Hills Bakery

Equipment Used: 180 Ton Cormach Folding Boom Crane

Equipment Hoisted: 25, 000 lb roll oven

Eagle West Team: 180 Ton Cormach Folding Boom Truck, 2 Riggers, 30,000 lb forklift, crane operator and lift supervisor

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