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The Differences Between Mobile Cranes and Boom Trucks

Construction sites utilize a wide variety of equipment to handle materials and facilitate the construction of buildings. Among this equipment are mobile cranes and boom trucks, each of which is used to lift heavy materials and transport them to greater heights. Though these types of equipment share many similarities, they are distinctly different units. As leading providers of many types of mobile cranes, the team at Eagle West Cranes understands the importance of having the right equipment for the job. That is why our team has provided some information on the differences between mobile cranes and boom trucks to help you determine which option is right for your needs.

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Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are available in a variety of configurations—crawler, all-terrain, folding boom, etc.—to match the demands of any job site. Each type of crane features unique capabilities and specs that make them ideal for certain challenges like difficult terrain and extremely heavy materials. Regardless of the configuration, each unit utilizes a combination of chains and hooks to rig and lift each load safely. Mobile cranes tend to be much larger and more stable than boom trucks, making them the perfect choice for exceptionally heavy materials and equipment. In addition to their power and stability, certain mobile cranes feature tracks instead of conventional wheels for exceptional traction and handling on difficult surfaces. When you need an industrial solution for an industrial job, a mobile crane rental is typically the best option for optimal performance and safety.

Boom Trucks

While mobile cranes look like a distinct combination of a large vehicle and crane, boom trucks are commercial trucks that have a hydraulic crane mounted to their chassis. This allows operators to load/unload materials and equipment from their truck bed, optimizing efficiency. They are highly maneuverable and tend to be smaller than mobile cranes, making them a great choice for sites with limited space. Boom trucks also have faster travel speeds and many of them can be insured and driven on the road, allowing them to get to multiple sites or quickly access one large site from different entrances. Though versatile and efficient, boom trucks often are not as powerful as mobile cranes, have lower outreach /lift height capabilities, and do not fare as well with rough terrain.

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