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Vancouver Mobile Crane Company

Finding the right Vancouver mobile crane company for your particular needs is vital to the success of any job. When it comes to lifting heavy loads to heights, a crane company should be equipped and experienced in the hoisting industry to ensure the efficiency and safety of your jobsite. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, we have a wealth of expertise in a variety of industries and we offer services for mobile cranes and industrial moving to companies throughout the Vancouver area.

Crane Rentals for Vancouver Industries

At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, we are a Vancouver crane company that supplies industries across BC with mobile crane rentals. We have experience in hoisting for a variety of trades, including but not limited to:

Power Transmission

Our Vancouver crane rentals are qualified for jobs in the field of power transmission, either in the building or maintenance of stations. Our team is experienced in the risks and safety procedures associated with the field, which means that projects can be finished without worry or incident.


Whether it is for housing, multi-family complexes, or commercial buildings, Eagle West Crane and Rigging has the equipment and experienced operators to complete roofing projects safely and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of mobile crane services to the roofing industry, including mobile cranes, rooftop landscaping, traffic control for jobsites, rigging services, equipment rentals, and 24-hour dispatch service.

Tilt-Up Construction

The next time you need a crane rental for your Vancouver tilt-up construction job, call Eagle West Crane and Rigging. Our 270- and 500-ton cranes are perfect for precisely and safely handling large lifting jobs.

Wind Energy

Eagle West Crane and Rigging has been involved in the safe transportation and installation of hundreds of wind turbines. Our crane rental services are designed to help your Vancouver wind energy company save time and money.


HVAC units require precision and safety to hoist and install properly. Our experience in the industry has equipped Eagle West Crane and Rigging to be Vancouver’s answer for HVAC delivery, disposal, and storage.


As a Vancouver crane company, our experience at construction sites is extensive.  Our crane services in the Vancouver area date back to 1990, and our rental cranes are available for your construction needs today.

To learn more about our Vancouver mobile crane company, or if you are interested in one of our products or services (mobile cranes, precast concrete, or industrial moving and other services), please contact Eagle West Crane and Rigging at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.