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What Can Precast Concrete be Used for?

Precast Concrete | Oct 25 / 22

Precast concrete is a versatile and durable material that is effectively used in various industries. Whether your project requires precast concrete blocks, road barriers, or parking curbs, there is a solution that is perfect for your needs, project timeline, and budget. As a leading provider of quality precast concrete products, the team at Eagle West Cranes knows how effective this material can be for projects of all sizes. That is why we have compiled some information outlining what precast concrete can be used for to demonstrate how it can be used for your project.

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8 Effective Uses for Precast Concrete Products

Precast concrete is produced using advanced manufacturing techniques in a controlled factory environment, ensuring consistent quality for every product. Since precast concrete can be shaped into a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, it can be used for various purposes including:

1. Drainage, Sanitary, and Stormwater Systems

Drainage tunnels, stormwater pipes, and other sanitary features in roads and suburban areas use precast concrete to save time and energy when laying out drainage systems, especially when they need to be placed underground.

2. Paths and Sidewalks

Precast concrete blocks can be designed to replicate the looks and feel of brick, wood, or stones used to pave walking paths and sidewalks in parks, resorts, and any heavy foot traffic areas. Modular paving products can be produced in various tones, textures, sizes, and shapes to conform aesthetics of the area while maintaining durability in all types of weather.

3. Water Containment

Precast concrete can be used to build aeration systems, dry wells, grease interceptors, septic tanks, fire cisterns, and other water-containment systems based on the needs of your project.

4. Traffic and Transportation

Traffic barriers, box culverts, tunnel segments, and even railway tracks can be produced in precast concrete moulds for efficient and effective installation.

5. Utility Structures

Structures used to support utilities in residential and commercial areas are produced as precast concrete for its ease of installation, lasting durability, and exceptional value.

6. Cemetery Structures

Columbarium niches and underground cemetery vaults are also produced as precast concrete, which makes it easy to lay down and systematize for efficient land use in cemeteries.

7. Earth retaining systems

Hill-slope retainers, sea walls, segmented retaining walls, and other earth retaining systems can be constructed using precast concrete blocks, as they will easily withstand earthquakes and wear over time.

8. Agricultural Products

Silos, feed bunks, cattle grids, water systems for plot farming, slurry channels, and other agricultural precast concrete products can withstand extreme weather conditions and are known to last longer than wood or steel variants.

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