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What Makes Knuckle Boom Cranes Unique?

Crane Rentals | Nov 9 / 23

Regarding material handling and heavy lifting, cranes are pivotal in various industries. The knuckle boom crane is a versatile and efficient choice among the many cranes available. As a leading provider of mobile cranes, Eagle West Cranes understands the importance of having a diverse range of equipment to meet our client’s needs. That is why we have compiled some valuable information about what makes knuckle boom cranes unique.

Learn four benefits of folding boom cranes.

Advantages of Using Knuckle Boom Cranes

1. Articulated Design for Enhanced Flexibility

Unlike traditional cranes that move linearly, knuckle boom cranes have multiple joints or knuckles that allow them to bend and flex in various directions. This enhanced flexibility makes them incredibly versatile, as they can easily manoeuvre in tight spaces or difficult terrains. Whether reaching over obstacles or working in confined areas, the articulated design of knuckle boom cranes provides greater freedom of movement and increased precision.

2. Space Efficiency and Compact Size

Knuckle boom cranes are also prized for their space efficiency and compact size. Due to their elongated design, traditional telescopic boom cranes take up much room when stowed away. Knuckle boom cranes, on the other hand, can be folded into a more compact shape when not in use, making them easier to transport and store. Their small footprint also means they require less space on job sites and can fit into areas that would otherwise be out of reach for larger machines.

3. Precision and Reach for Versatile Applications

Precision and reach are two crucial aspects that distinguish knuckle booms from other mobile hydraulic cranes. These innovative machines have telescopic sections on their arms that can extend hydraulically. This versatility provides greater horizontal outreach and height capabilities than regular straight-boom options. From loading/unloading cargo containers to assembling structural elements high above ground level, the precision control and exceptional reach offered by knuckle booms make it possible for operators to complete various tasks efficiently.

4. Remote Operation and Safety Features

Knuckle boom cranes offer remote operation capabilities and safety features that set them apart from other lifting solutions. Many modern models are equipped with advanced technology that allows operators to control the crane remotely from a safe distance. This enhances operator safety and provides greater precision during delicate lifting operations. Furthermore, these cranes often come with safety devices such as load limiters and overload protection systems to ensure safe working conditions for operators and bystanders.

5. Versatility and Efficiency in Load Handling

The versatility and efficiency of knuckle boom cranes are unmatched by many other types of lifting equipment. These versatile machines can perform various tasks beyond simple vertical lifting. Their articulated booms and long-reach capabilities allow them to reach over obstacles or work in confined spaces without sacrificing efficiency or power. From construction sites to shipping yards, these amazing machines excel at load-handling tasks ranging from cargo loading and unloading to material placement with ease.


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