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How to Calculate Crane Load Capacity

Crane Rentals, Crane Safety | Oct 22 / 19

Every mobile crane has a specific load capacity that is determined by various factors and that capacity can change according to the angle and lift range of the hoisting operation. It is important to know how to calculate crane load capacity for any hoisting endeavour so that you can be sure that you are using your mobile crane safely. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, our technical service centre allows us to plan out every operation that our cranes are involved in and ensure the success and safety of each hoist.

Calculating Crane Load Capacity

Every crane has a different lifting capacity that is first established by the equipment being used. Some mobile cranes and hydraulic systems are stronger than others, and each crane has a different amount of counterbalance weight and outrigger setup that allow it to stay stable during a hoist.

Different factors can affect a mobile crane’s lifting capacity. Whether or not a lattice jib is being used and whether the crane is going to be carrying the load or staying in one spot will all affect the capacity of the hoisting operation.

Once you know that the equipment in question is capable of lifting the intended load, a mathematical formula can be used that tells you how much a crane can lift based on the operation’s geometry. The crane boom, the ground, and the vertical hoist cable form a triangle, and the angles and side lengths of this triangle can be used to determine how much weight can be supported by the hoist. In order to ensure that you get the right specifications for your crane, make sure that you consult a professional to handle the crane load capacity calculation that applies to your specific situation.

Determining a Crane’s Load Capacity

Some cranes come with a load chart that can be used to determine the capacity that your crane can lift depending on the criteria listed above. This chart is able to tell you how much the crane is able to lift depending on the boom’s angle and length, as well as the operating radius. This chart is a useful way to calculate a crane’s various load capacities.

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