Mobile Cranes

Hydraulic All-Terrain Crane Rentals




With up to a 331-foot reach, these cranes are incredibly versatile and a powerful construction tool.


Certified crew

Every one of our operators are licensed by BC Crane Safety.


always maintained

Each piece of equipment is inspected and re-certified annually.

Hydraulic All-Terrain Crane

Our hydraulic all-terrain cranes range from 60-tons to 500-tons. This type of crane provides for some impressive lifts such as tandem railcar lifts, excavator lifts, and even hoisting historic and iconic items. Our hydraulic all-terrain crane is an incredibly versatile and powerful construction tool.

Safety is our first priority

It is our number one priority at Eagle West that everyone works safely. Our employees are trained and empowered to operate in an Incident and Injury-Free® environment. We are proud to have among the lowest incident rates in North America for our industry.

Don't worry about the planning for the lift, let us do that for you.

Are you in need of life planning? What about mobilization of equipment or even project planning? At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we provide total lifting solutions to a wide variety of industries.

The proof is in the pudding – we have planned some of British Columbia’s biggest lifts! Our combined experience puts us well over 3 decades which means that by partnering with us from the beginning to the end of your next project, you will benefit from our practical knowledge gained throughout the decades. Learn more about how we can work with you throughout the entire process of your next project by visiting our Technical Service Centre.

Crane Planning Centre


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