We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

Mobile Cranes

Hydraulic All-Terrain Crane Rentals

All-Terrain Cranes for Rent in BC

There are many benefits to renting a hydraulic all-terrain crane in British Columbia.  All-terrain cranes are designed for heavy lifting with the convenience of being licensed to travel on roadways while also being mobile on rougher terrain found on jobsites.   Renting an all-terrain hydraulic crane with a certified crane operator is beneficial for your heavy lifts in British Columbia.

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With up to a 331-foot reach, these cranes are incredibly versatile and a powerful construction tool.


Certified crew

Every one of our operators are licensed by BC Crane Safety.


always maintained

Each piece of equipment is inspected and re-certified annually.

What are Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes used for?

Similar to other types of cranes, all-terrain cranes are equipped with a boom, which is a large arm controlled from the cab of the crane.  The length of the boom can vary depending on the crane and, in most cases, can be adjusted in length. All terrain cranes are unique mobile cranes as they have up to nine axles and outriggers, this provides stability for those heavy lifts.  The lifting capacity of these types of crane is almost unrivaled in comparison to other cranes available to rent.  These types of cranes are highly effective and efficient due to their combination of truck mounted design and maneuverability.  Having the ability to operate from the cab provides excellent visibility which is beneficial for the operator on those long days of lifting.

How do Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes work?

Hydraulic cranes are powered through fluid present in the hydraulic system of the crane. In most cases, this fluid is oil. The oil receives pressure from the crane’s hydraulic pump system which is powered by the engine. Since the fluid cannot be compressed, it creates a force that is directed throughout other parts of the hydraulic crane, allowing it to lift and hoist heavy‐duty objects.

Hydraulic All-Terrain Crane Details

Our hydraulic all‐terrain cranes range in size form 60‐tons to 500‐tons, providing plenty of options suitable to most types of construction projects in British Columbia. This type of crane provides some impressive lifts such as tandem railcar lifts, excavator lifts, and the hoisting of historic and iconic items. All-terrain cranes are one of the most incredibly versatile and powerful construction tools in the industry.

Hydraulic Crane Safety

As is the case with all our crane rentals, crane safety is of utmost importance to the team at Eagle West Crane & Rigging. We are committed to ensuring that every one of our all-terrain cranes is operated safely by a trained and certified hydraulic crane operator. Operating cranes in an Incident and Injury‐Free® environment is our top priority and our low incident rate record throughout North America is proof of this.

Don't worry about the planning for the lift, let us do that for you.

Are you in need of lift planning? What about mobilization of equipment or even project planning? At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we provide total lifting solutions to a wide variety of industries.

We have planned some of British Columbia’s biggest lifts! Our combined experience puts us well over 3 decades which means that by partnering with us from the beginning to the end of your next project, you will benefit from our practical knowledge gained throughout the decades. Learn more about how we can work with you throughout the entire process of your next project by visiting our Technical Service Centre.

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