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How to Lift an Excavator with a Crane

Many jobsites require the lifting of large or overweight equipment, such as bulldozers or excavators. In such cases, it can be extremely beneficial to have a hoisting professional to help coordinate the lift. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, we know how to lift an excavator with a crane, and our team of hoisting strategists and coordinators can ensure that the operation is performed safely and efficiently.

Crane Rentals for Heavy-Duty Lifting Operations

In any operation where heavy loads are required to be lifted, the terrain’s stability is questionable, or the load being lifted is unconventional in shape or size, it is important to enlist the guidance of a company that has experience with planning lift logistics. If handled improperly, these operations can result in property damage or endangerment to personnel, so it is always best to call a company like Eagle West Crane and Rigging to handle any oversized equipment lifts.

Lifting an Excavator with a Crane

Before beginning any excavator hoisting operation, Eagle West Crane and Rigging will need to go through an extensive planning and preparation process. This may include designing AutoCAD drawings and plans for the entire lift, visiting the site to plan the placement of the rental crane, and arranging the crane rental logistics to ensure that the best crane is selected for the job. All of this work can be completed by our technical service centre staff, who will also coordinate with local authorities to acquire any city or road permits that are necessary to lift the excavator into place.

Once the planning and preparation is completed, experienced professionals will be dispatched to the jobsite to begin the excavator lifting process. They will bring all necessary equipment with them. The process to lift an excavator will include:

  • Setting up the rental crane on secure ground (this may include geotechnical engineering)
  • Preparing the excavator to be hoisted with rigging
  • Securing rigging to anchor points on all sides of the excavator
  • Making sure that all rigging is even so that the excavator remains level during the lifting operation
  • Lifting and lowering the excavator into place

If you would like to learn more about how to lift an excavator with a crane, or if you are interested in one of our products, rentals, or services, please contact Eagle West Crane and Rigging at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.