At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we carry a range of Redi-Rock® concrete blocks, which are perfect for building all types of Redi-Rock® retaining walls and supporting structures, from gravity walls to reinforced walls, from freestanding walls to columns, steps, and caps. If you are unsure about what blocks will work best for your particular project, our team would love to help. No matter what type of retaining wall you are looking at building or how many Redi-Rock® blocks you need to get the job done, our highly experienced team can deliver all of the precast concrete products you need to any jobsite in BC. For information on Redi-Rock® pricing, please give us a call.

What is Redi-Rock®?

Redi-Rock® is a complete wall solution that uses blocks that feature a knob-and-groove design for creating a stronger retaining wall. All Redi-Rock® products are formed using architectural-grade precast concrete, which allows the finished product to look and feel like natural stone. As an engineered retaining wall system that looks like real stone, is easy to install, and will last for many years to come, Redi-Rock® blocks are ideal for use in a wide range of industries and environments.


When to Use Redi-Rock® for Retaining Walls


Since retaining walls are an important part of everyday infrastructure, from holding up roadways and creating yard space to protecting against flooding and preventing bridges from eroding, using the best building materials can help ensure that retaining walls are able to function optimally for years to come. Redi-Rock® installation can be used to build retaining walls for a variety of projects and industries, such as:


  • Water management projects for protecting shorelines, creating storm water channels and retention ponds, and to prevent neighbourhoods from flooding.
  • Residential projects for retaining soil to protect against erosion.
  • Infrastructure projects for municipalities.
  • Abutments, wing walls, or retaining walls for bridges.
  • Commercial developments for maximizing parking spots and land use.
  • Barriers along roads and highways.
  • Retaining walls for railways.

All Redi-Rock® concrete products can easily be delivered and installed on your jobsite with the help of a mobile crane and a small crew. Since Redi-Rock® features an interlocking design, retaining walls can be installed quickly without sacrificing on strength and durability.


If you are thinking about using Redi-Rock® blocks on your next retaining wall project, the highly experienced team from Eagle West Crane & Rigging would love to help you select the right products for your specific needs. Get in touch with our team today at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.



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