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RST CNC Machine Factory Move

Manufacturing Facility Relocation

The Efficiency of Eagle West’s Industrial Movers

Used to check preliminary site conditions, as well as monitor the conditions throughout construction to ensure any necessary adjustment are made, geotechnical instrumentation is an important component of the engineering process. Furthermore, instrumentation is used to warn of possible failures enabling the proper evacuation precautions to be taken and corrective measures to be made.

RST Instruments Ltd. has been serving the instrumentation industry of engineering since 1977. As distributors and manufacturers, RST supplies equipment, custom engineered instrumentation and knowledgeable assistance to meet your environmental, structural, mining and geotechnical related instrumentation needs.

Although a highly recognized establishment within their industry, their top priority is client satisfaction. Upgrading to a new location of nearly twice the size would better accommodate their staff and equipment, further enabling them to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

At around 40, 000 square feet the new location in Maple Ridge, British Columbia would be an ample home from the array of equipment utilized by RST in their manufacturing processes. The challenge ahead would be moving the large and valuable pieces of equipment the approximately 17 kilometers between Coquitlam and Maple Ridge.

In hopes of having their facility in working order as quickly as possible, despite unforeseen circumstances that conflicted with their relocation; RST turned to the industrial moving specialists at Eagle West Cranes (a division of TNT Crane Canada). With only one day’s notice, the crew at Eagle West quickly jumped into action to help RST accomplish their goal of moving the plant within three days. Chris Cyr, purchaser at RST Instruments Ltd. commented that “Eagle West was very accommodating in handling our changing schedule and very efficient when the move occurred.”

Two days were allotted to lift, load, haul and unload the over 30 pieces of equipment including milling and CNC machines and lathes which make up RST’s production facility. Ranging from smaller odds and ends to the machinery weighing up to 15,000 pounds, Eagle West brought in a variety of tools to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

The crew utilized two forklifts, specialized non floor marking dollies, specialized rigging and trailers, two 180 ton folding boom cranes and up to six freight trucks throughout the entire process. The wide selection of equipment along with the dedication of the team allowed Eagle West to finish this portion of the job in just one day, half of the earmarked time. “The turnaround time was very critical to our customer. We provided extra crews which allowed us to shorten the project timeline by 30 percent,” commented Steve Anema, Eagle West’s sales representative for this project.

With everything delivered in one day, Eagle West was able to position the items within RST Instruments’ new location on day two. With the large task completed and the staff settled into their new home, Chris stated that “the work performed by Eagle West was both professional and expeditious. We would have no problem in using or recommending Eagle West Cranes for future industrial moving requirements.” By completing the time sensitive move for RST in just forty-eight hours, Eagle West came in under budget as well as, ahead of schedule.

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