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Stiff Boom Cranes vs Folding Boom Cranes

Getting to know the differences between stiff boom cranes and folding boom cranes can help you make an informed decision about which type of crane will work best for your particular jobsite needs. At Eagle West Cranes, we want to ensure that you have the best possible equipment for the job. That is why we offer a wide range of mobile cranes for rent.

What are Stiff Boom Cranes?

Stiff boom cranes, also known as telescopic cranes or straight boom cranes, work by using a hydraulic winch which is raised or lowered by the boom to lift materials. In order to move materials from one location to the next, the crane operator can rotate the boom of the crane, extend it, and raise or lower it to achieve the right lifting height. Since stiff boom cranes can only lift materials straight up and down, it is the ideal choice for gently placing loads on the worksite, no matter the lifting radius, as well as to suspend heavy loads in the air for long periods of time with little to no drift.

All of the moving parts of a stiff boom crane are concealed inside the machinery, ensuring that they are safe from the elements and any minor physical impacts that could cause damage to the parts. The moving parts on this particular type of mobile crane also undergo less strain when lifting loads because the energy passes through the winch first, followed by the lift cylinder, before reaching the crane structure itself.

What are Folding Boom Cranes?

Folding boom cranes, often referred to as loader cranes, knuckle boom cranes, picker cranes, or articulating cranes, are designed to function similarly to the human finger. Through the use of two booms (main boom and outer boom) attached by a knuckle, folding boom cranes are able to move the entire boom structure in and out, as well as to fold into a small size when transporting materials or maneuvering onto a small construction site. This type of mobile crane also offers a higher level of mobility when compared to other types of cranes and can easily load and unload materials onto its own deck.

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