We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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Benefits of Stiff Boom Cranes

From lifting heavy materials to hoisting large objects to great heights, cranes play a vital role for every construction site. Though most people tend to think of large tower cranes as the only option, there are many types of cranes to choose from for construction, agriculture, and other types of projects. Among these options is the stiff boom crane. Also known as a telescopic crane or straight boom crane, stiff boom cranes are a great option for many sites and projects. As leading providers of quality stiff boom cranes, the team at Eagle West Cranes has compiled a list of benefits of stiff boom cranes to help you determine if one is right for your project.

Why Choose a Stiff Boom Crane?

Stiff boom cranes are a versatile, efficient, and safe option for nearly any type of project that offers the following benefits:

Fast Setup

Though a tower crane looks impressive on a construction site, they require an immense amount of time to set up. These cranes also need to be transported to a site in multiple pieces/sections, making the entire setup process lengthy and complicated. By choosing a mobile stiff boom crane, you are getting the power and mobility you need as soon as possible. This eliminates hours or days of idle time, allowing site personnel to get to work and complete the job quickly. Every stiff boom crane is attached to a truck and delivered as one unit, making the delivery to your site a simple and efficient process.

Compact Size and Impressive Power

For urban sites with limited space or multiple overhead obstructions, it can be difficult to lift large materials to their destination. That is why every stiff boom crane rental we provide is designed to offer unmatched maneuverability and lifting capabilities while maintaining a compact size. A smaller frame and retractable boom allow stiff boom cranes to work in areas that a tower crane cannot. Despite the reduced size, mobile stiff boom cranes offer impressive lift capacities. This ensures that you have the power and mobility you need to get the job done right.

Leading Value

Stiff boom crane rentals are an efficient and cost-effective option that can suit the needs of any construction site, agricultural project, or industrial installation job. Each unit arrives on your site in work-ready condition and is controlled by a highly trained, certified operator. This saves you time while ensuring optimal productivity and safety. If you are looking for a way to reduce costs without compromising performance, look no further than a stiff boom crane rental from Eagle West Cranes.

To learn more about the benefits of stiff boom cranes and our other rental solutions, get in touch with the team at Eagle West Cranes. Our experts can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to assist you.