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Precast Concrete Delivery and Installation Services

Whether you are setting up barriers for roadwork or building a retaining wall for a landscaping project, the precast concrete materials that you will need are exceptionally heavy and will require specialized equipment and expertise to be delivered. For this reason, we, at Eagle West Crane and Rigging, offer a range of precast concrete delivery and installation services. We carry a variety of road barriers, Redi-Rock® retaining walls, parking curbs, and commercial grade Octa-Blocs® and our delivery and installation services are designed to make your job easier.

Precast Concrete Delivery

Precast concrete is exceptionally heavy and requires specialized equipment to move. Regardless of how big your truck might be, if you do not have the proper equipment to move precast concrete, somebody could get hurt or something might get broken, resulting in losses in productivity and resources for your company.

Many precast concrete products require crane services or specialized slings to move. Precast road barriers and large precast retaining wall blocks can do damage to vehicles if loaded or unloaded improperly. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, we deliver your precast concrete materials right to your jobsite and carefully place it where it can be useful to you.

Precast Concrete Installation

Many types of precast concrete products require special training or equipment to be installed properly. We, at Eagle West Crane and Rigging, have a wealth of experience with installing concrete blocks and Redi-Rock® retaining walls and we can ensure that your project gets set up properly. Our trained and professional crane operators and drivers are adept at installing precast concrete blocks efficiently and effectively so that the rest of your project can progress. We offer precast concrete delivery and installation services to a variety of industries, including landscapers, construction companies, and road workers.

If you would like to learn more about the precast concrete delivery and installation services that we offer throughout the Vancouver area, or to find out about our other products or services (mobile cranes or industrial moving and other services), contact Eagle West Crane and Rigging at your closest location or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you.