We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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Crane Rentals in Victoria

Victoria Mobile Crane Rentals

Do you have a large upcoming construction project in Victoria, BC? Will this project require heavy lifting or complex hoisting with a mobile crane? If so, you need a mobile crane rental company that understands your unique project challenges and requirements. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, our Victoria mobile crane rental specialists will work with you to provide the perfect rental unit. We can also help you plan and complete each lift as safely and efficiently as possible to keep your operation running smoothly. Reach out to our mobile crane specialists today to learn more about our Victoria crane rental solutions.


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At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we are proud to provide complete mobile crane rental services to companies and projects throughout Victoria, BC. Some of the areas we serve in Victoria include the following communities and neighbourhoods:

  • Victoria West
  • James Bay
  • Burnside
  • Downtown
  • Fairfield
  • Hillside

  • Quadra
  • Victoria Hills
  • Wexford
  • North Park
  • Harris Green

  • Oaklands
  • Fernwood
  • Rockland
  • Jubilee
  • Gonzales

Stiff Boom Cranes

Stiff boom cranes provide flexibility and power that make them suitable for all manner of hoisting projects. Whether you are performing precise lifts for fragile objects or suspending heavy loads above ground for extended periods, a stiff boom crane can get the job done right. At Eagle West Crane & Rigging, we are proud to offer a full inventory of stiff boom cranes for rent in Victoria ranging from 22.9m to 38.7m.  Each Victoria stiff boom crane rental includes a certified and skilled operator to handle your hoisting and lifting project. This ensures that the job is completed safely and efficiently every time.

victoria mobile cranesFolding Boom Cranes

Do you need to hoist materials in difficult areas with limited access? Look no further than our selection of folding boom crane rentals. As implied by the name, a folding boom crane can easily downsize and fold up for easier transportation and maneuverability in tight spaces. Our folding boom crane rental inventory features a selection of models with sizes ranging from 20 tons to 200 tons and lift capacities up to 72,000lb.

Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes

Hydraulic all-terrain cranes feature a unique design that allows for exceptional maneuverability and handling on even the most difficult surfaces. If you are faced with soft surfaces, mud, or uneven terrain, a hydraulic all-terrain crane rental in Victoria may be the perfect solution for you. Our team of mobile crane experts will work with you to ensure that you are getting the perfect unit for your specific project requirements and terrain challenges.

Victoria Crane Rentals from Eagle West Crane & Rigging

Eagle West Crane & Rigging can provide quality mobile crane rental solutions for your next big project in Victoria, BC. Our dedicated team of crane specialists will work with you to choose the perfect crane for your needs, provide a trained operator, and assist you with planning each lift. Reach out to our team today to discover how we can support your operation with complete, quality crane solutions.

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