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Gravity Walls

Gravity Retaining Walls
Gravity walls depend on their mass (stone, concrete, or other heavy material) to help resist pressure from behind and improve stability by leaning back toward the retained soil.

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What is a Gravity Wall System?

A Redi-Rock® gravity wall can be built in less space than a small block wall, and in many cases, requires no geogrid reinforcement. This means that gravity walls are an ideal solution for projects that need to be built close to already existing structures.

Why Use Redi-Rock®?

Cast in molds that were made using actual stone, Redi-Rock® blocks feature the look of natural stone. This gives each gravity block a very detailed and natural texture. The Redi-Rock® blocks are made of architectural grade precast concrete, so this gives your reinforced retaining walls a beautiful, natural stone look. The patented knob and groove design of these large blocks align perfectly – similar to building a Lego wall. Installation is fast and easy, and creating inside or outside corners is simple due to its trapezoidal shape.

Did you know that Redi-Rock® blocks perform extremely well in water applications? This is due to the architectural grade precast concrete, massive block sizes, and rigorous engineering combined to create a formidable solution for any shoreline, storm channel, or retention pond.

Redi-Rock® Gravity Wall Features

  • Minimize right-of-way requirements
  • Add parking
  • Protect shorelines
  • Build a wall quickly
  • Require less space
  • Build in front of a failing wall
  • Solution for any environment

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