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Reinforced Retaining Walls
A reinforced retaining wall is a structure that has been designed and constructed to resist lateral pressure of soil, especially when there is a desired change in ground elevation.

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Why Choose the PC System Reinforced Retaining Wall?

A new way to construct MSE walls, The Positive Connection (PC) System has started a revolution by only requiring two components: the block and the geogrid. The PC System simplifies the construction sequences and provides a rock-solid connection that stops future corrosion – all you have to do is simply thread the grid through the slot in the blocks.

These Redi-Rock® blocks are made of architectural grade precast concrete. They are cast in molds taken from real natural stone. This makes them beautiful to look at and feature the look of natural stone.

How do Reinforced Blocks Work?

Redi-Rock® reinforced blocks use the weight of the blocks to hold back the earth. After rigorous testing and a comprehensive engineering analysis, the PC System has been proved to be an economical and aesthetic structural solutions for reinforced retaining walls. These reinforced blocks are great for a wide range of applications including roadways, bridge and harbour projects, railroads, etc.

Redi-Rock® reinforced blocks have a vertical core slot that is cast through the centre of each block. This allows a 12-inch wide strip of geogrid to be threaded to eliminate the need for special connection pieces. The patent-pending smooth edge technology provides extremely high connection strengths with the geogrid reinforcement. The PC System can easily be designed to meet M.O.T. design standards and they offer the incomparable durability of ‘wet-cast’ –air-entrained concrete.

Redi-Rock® PC System Features

  • Handles extreme live loads
  • Maximizes height, minimizes grid
  • Offers superior seismic performance
  • M.O.T. compliant

With Redi-Rock®, there’s less reinforcement material to handle, install, and store. This translates into saved installation time and costs.

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