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How Does a Hydraulic Crane Boom Work?

Mobile cranes have been developed to incorporate a variety of different mechanical systems in order to lift and move massive loads. One of the main mechanical workings of cranes are hydraulic systems. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, our extensive experience with hoisting equipment and logistics has given us a profound understanding of how a hydraulic crane boom works so that we can better provide hoisting services to our clients across British Columbia.

How Crane Hydraulics Work

Hydraulic systems use pressurized fluids to generate large amounts of power. The fluid, which is typically a type of oil, is held in a reservoir until it is needed, at which time it is pumped into cylinders that contain pistons. The pressurized hydraulic fluid pushes the piston in and out of the cylinder, allowing the piston to lift or move a load.

With hydraulic systems in cranes, there are typically two different pistons. When one piston is compressed, the displaced oil forces the other piston to extend. For most cranes, the pressure needed to move the pistons is generated by a pump.

Types of Hydraulic Crane Booms

Mobile cranes have a variety of components that operate within the hydraulic system to lift loads. Some of these components include:

Folding Crane Booms

The crane’s boom is the arm that the hoisting operation depends on. For some cases, the boom folds, which allows the crane to have a great reach and range of mobility, but it means that more hydraulic cylinders will need to be involved as each point of articulation will require hydraulic support. If a job is taking place in tight quarters or requires extremely precise placement of materials, hydraulic folding boom cranes are the ideal way to go.

Fixed Crane Booms

For other mobile cranes, the boom is fixed or stiff. Stiff boom cranes will usually telescope rather than fold out. The lack of articulation means that fixed boom cranes are capable of lifting massive loads, as is the case with most hydraulic all-terrain cranes. Stiff boom cranes are also perfect for pick-up and move jobs due to their compact nature.

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