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What is a Boom Truck?

Boom Trucks, Mobile Cranes | Oct 22 / 16

What is a boom truck?

A boom truck is the holy grail of construction work. It’s important because it performs three separate functions, using three essential pieces of equipment: combining to create a must have on any construction site.

How can boom trucks be used?

  • The first aspect of a boom truck is a hydraulic crane, which allows workers to lift heavy and sometimes unconventionally shaped items from floor to roof.
  • A flatbed provides the second aspect of the boom truck, and space for items to be transported to and from different areas of a site.
  • Finally, the third aspect is a personnel hoist that lifts workers in the air, allowing them to reach and inspect a building site from different angles of construction.

Overall, a boom truck it is an essential piece of kit that increases the efficiency, safety and versatility of any build – but it is best put to use on a construction site that has multiple different demands.

what is a boom truck

What kind of boom trucks do we use?

Boom trucks vary in capacity and versatility. At Eagle West Cranes, Stampede Crane and TNT Crane, we use boom trucks that can cater to a variety of eventualities and construction sites.

Cranes on our boom trucks range from big, 50 ton lifting pieces of equipment, to a more compact 17 tons. The boom length of our trucks is 21m, while the jib length is 12m. All of our trucks are installed with fiberglass man baskets, to service the power transmission industry.

For more information and to request a quote specific to your demands, get a quote here.

What is a boom truck install blocks

North Vancouver Lower Level Road Project

How do we maintain our boom trucks?

All of our boom trucks are maintained in line with the regulation and compliance criteria of BC Crane Safe Safety standards.

Eagle West Crane & Rigging is a division of TNT Crane & Rigging Canada.